Let's organize

With Eventifyr, event organization becomes effortless. A few clicks and your event is set. Eventifyr manages all the tasks, allowing you to concentrate entirely on the event, not its logistics!

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Starting point

With the set starting point you will always see events in your area, so you always see what happens in your area!


If there are not enough participants at the registration deadline, the event will be automatically canceled by the system and all participants will be notified!

Location Picker

No entry of the address is necessary, with just one click you set the location of your event. The address is determined automatically!

No registration compulsion for participants

The people you want to invite do not need to be registered, even if they are to participate. The e-mail address is completely sufficient!

Min. / Max. participants

The number of participants can be limited to min. / max.. On the one hand the Auto-Cancel is possible, on the other hand a waiting list is possible!

Waiting list

As soon as the max. number of participants has been reached and the creator has activated it, the waiting list comes into place. All those who came just a tad late can hope for a cancellation in this way and then move on automatically as a participant!

Copy event

An already created event can simply be copied. All values are taken over and you can create an event even easier and faster!

Price calculator

The price calculator calculates the price per participant fully automatically based on the current number or minimum number of participants!

Current events

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